Training Committee

Training Committee Minutes

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Convenor & Training Officer Nigel Ball
British Cave Research Association Professor John Gunn
Cambrian Caving Council Richard Hill
Council of Northern Caving Clubs Dan Irving
Council of Southern Caving Clubs Chris Binding
Derbyshire Caving Association Nigel Atkins
Devon & Cornwall Underground Council Simon Mullens
Association of Cave Instructors Graham Derbyshire
Chair, CIC Panel Phil Baker
Chair, National Co-ordinating Panel Graham Mollard
NAMHO Steve Holding
Cave Diving Group Peter Devlin
Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs Helen Brooke
William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust Alan Finch
British Cave Rescue Council Peter Alwright
Assoc Scout Caving Teams Idris Williams
Heads of Centres Rep(invited, no voting rights) Juliet Parker Smith
BCA Equipment Officer (invited, no voting rights) Nick Williams
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