Training - FAQs

What do I do if my LCMLA or CIC award is out of date?

Check the 'Valid Until' date on your Section 5. Although your award is no longer valid after this date you can still revalidate up to 12 months afterwards.

However, if the date is more than 12 months after the 'Valid Until' date, you must write to the Training Officer with a copy of your Section 1A, Section 3 Experience Record (for the previous 3/5 years) and Section 5. If there are any extenuating circumstances these should be explained in a letter sent with the other paperwork.

I need to revalidate my award - what do I need to do?

As above, please check the 'Valid Until' date on your qualification. You can revalidate up to 12 months before this date and up to 12 months after it. Please check the list of Revalidation Workshops (LCMLA / CIC) and then complete an Application Form and return it to the appropriate Trainer/Assessor.