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Hang Son Doong Cave and Exploration in Vietnam
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Author:  David Gibson [ Mon 01 Dec 2014 15:17 ]
Post subject:  Hang Son Doong Cave and Exploration in Vietnam

BCRA is still receiving mis-directed enquiries about Hang Son Doong Cave so I am reposting this notice from the BCRA web site...

3 May 2011 There has been much interest shown by the media in the ongoing exploration of Hang Son Doong Cave and other caves in Vietnam. Some of the cavers involved in the exploration have been members of BCRA and, as a result, BCRA has received a number of enquiries for further information. Please note that BCRA "itself" has not been exploring this cave; it is just that some of the explorers happen to be members of the organisation, and that a subsidiary charity of BCRA, the Ghar Parau Foundation, has provided sponsorship for some expeditions. BCRA is not in a position to respond to enquiries in detail but we can suggest various contact points and sources of further information.

  • A search for Hang Son Doong Cave will list most of the relevant web pages
  • You can search for photos at National Geographic
    There have been several expeditions to Vietnam caves in recent years; these are documented at
  • The author of that web site, Howard Limbert, can be contacted for further information
  • You may also wish to consult the British Caving Library, where small quantities of material will be copied free of charge for BCRA and BCA members. However, there is a charge for services to non-members and please note that the library cannot answer general enquiries such as "tell me about the caves"; it is a document supply service, so please consult the catalogue first.

Author:  David Gibson [ Thu 21 Apr 2016 12:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hang Son Doong Cave and Exploration in Vietnam

Statement posted on behalf of BCRA Chairman, Prof. John Gunn...

It has comes to our attention that certain media outlets are carrying a story that mentions the BCRA in connection with the Guinness Book of World Records and the cave Hang Son Doong in Vietnam.

The Association would like to make it clear that we have had no communications with the Guinness Book of World Records, either directly or indirectly, and as far as we are aware there has not been any form of “certificate” issued. Any claim to the contrary is untrue.

Whilst some individuals who are members of the BCRA have been involved in the exploration of Hang Son Doong, the Association itself does not directly undertake the organisation of expeditions. The Association continues to strive for public dissemination of knowledge about any new exploration but specific enquiries regarding a particular cave or expedition should be addressed to the original exploration team.

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